Illustrated Sustainability


  • Alberto Ricardo Pessoa
  • Cássia Cristina Dominguez Santana



Brazil is a strong representative of world production in the

textile sector. The fashion industry has economic benefits for

the country, however it is responsible for negative impacts

on the environment. In the search for sustainable

alternatives, concepts and techniques emerge that aim to

mitigate the impacts caused by the growing demand,

including zero waste disposal. Fashion illustration is an area

of fashion that has gained greater visibility, and presents

concepts, meanings and symbologies through graphics. This

article approaches fashion illustration as a way to

disseminate reflections on the zero disposal of textile waste.

Thus, it presents illustrations that give new meaning to

waste, inserting in its graphic composition textile elements

arising from the construction of fashion artifacts. Therefore,

the illustrations can be explored through reflective

symbologies providing contributions to a cleaner and more

sustainable fashion.