Industrial sewing as a creative resource in the clothing Surface Design project


  • Marizilda dos Santos Menezes
  • Ana Cláudia de Abreu



The production of clothing has several operational steps,

such as industrial sewing, which is used on textile surfaces

as a materialization resource, that is, the union of two or

more layers of fabrics by sewing points that makes the

object tridimensional. In this context, the research seeks to

explore the possibilities of industrial sewing to be considered

as a creative resource to generate innovative surfaces in

clothing, anchored on three pillars: in the design approaches

of Surface Design, in the technical aspects of industrial

sewing and in characteristics of materials textiles. For this,

an exploratory investigation was carried out, with application

of experiments using four straight industrial sewing

techniques in three grammages of fabrics. The results were

categorized through the effects obtained on the surfaces as

graphic, structural and graphic structural function,

demonstrating to be a creative resource that can be

explored at the beginning of the design of clothing products.