The corset as a fetish object of Victorian England and the crisis of values into the dynamics between class and gender

Roseana Sathler Portes Pereira


This article aims to explore the connections between the
corset and fetishism in the nineteenth century and the
beginning of the twentieth century. Supported by the
perspective of Anne McClintock on Imperial Leather: Race,
Gender and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest (2010), in
regards to fetish and the class and gender dynamics, this
articled analyzed the prominence of the corset in the
maintenance of Victorian female domestic idleness. The
scrutiny suggests the crisis of value conducted by the
conflict among public and private spaces, by the connection
among male agency, female stagnation and the impossibility
of pleasure from female idleness are all embodied in the
corset, which converts it into an object of fetishism. The
recovery of the writings of Freud, the study of the
genealogies of fetishism and the resumption of its
etymological origin broadens the meaning of perspectives for
the relation between the corset and the nineteenth centuryfemale body, whose silhouette, drawn by corsetry, delimited
measuredly its possibilities in its social role.

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